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Support Royals Mentoring, Inc.


Financial Support

Royals Mentoring, Inc. is a 501c3 tax exempt organization. We have provided services to youth in Milwaukee County at no cost to them since 2015. Support the mission of Royals Mentoring and help keep our program free through your generous gift.

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Words From Our Founder

Being Royal to me is evolving into the best version of yourself and simultaneously embracing others without intimidation or competition. I started this organization because of my passion to work with young women and the need for positive role models. This process has brought great fulfillment to me knowing that God intrust me to take part in pushing the next generation of women to lead this world. Starting Royals mentoring is not a job or career, this is what I am created to do and I enjoy every minute.



Become a member of royals and experience a journey that will change your life forever. We are dedicated to serving our members in multiple capacities to help them fully develop into the best version of themselves. Our values are Creativity, Mentoring, Education and Volunteering and we believe these are four key things to help our members reach their full potential. Become a member today.

Support Royals: News & Updates
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