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Who are you?

Dear Royal,

Know whose you are! It doesn’t take a celebrity that resembles you to consider yourself to be something. It doesn’t take a woman with a body like yours in a music video for you to feel more attractive. It doesn’t take a song lyric to say that you are great, for you to feel valued. It doesn’t take another person to speak it for you to know that you are beautiful! Know whose you are!

You are unique like no other, all great masterpieces are one of a kind. There is a moment in time when you are going to be true to yourself and no longer require the validation of society. Others won’t have to say something you possess is great for you to feel it is actually worth something. Don’t buy your makeup a shade lighter because they glorify “lighter skin”. Don’t overdue the bleach in your hair because they say blonde is appealing and red is not. Don’t desire the enhanced body features because bigger boobs get more attention and a larger butt gets more likes. Don’t hide your smile because you were teased as a child for your gap.

Embrace the real you! Too many of us hide behind the Hollywood image, in reality we are humans with flaws, it’s time to be free. Loving who you are starts with a renewed mind of what is acceptable, what is beautiful and what a woman should be. Take a journey and redefine yourself, detox your mind and embrace YOU. We are all created different, embracing diversity in women.

Be You • Be True • Be Royal

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