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Dear Royal,

This blog was created to encourage uniqueness and embrace diverse qualities. I have many thoughts and many things I often want to say, to help you become a more authentic individual. I often have too much to say or I can’t figure out how to get this message to you, hopefully this method is effective. Whether you know yourself or are finding yourself, I want to encourage you.

Many of us think we are alone in our insecurities, our doubts, our fears and our desire to be someone we are not. I want you to understand that I care, I hear you, and I see you’re screaming on the inside. I desire to help you discover that the answer is and always has been within you. You may not believe it is there but the reality is, the wrong tools have been being used to dig it out. I know this because I too have been a victim and some days need to renew and cleanse my mind of the thoughts that I am not worthy. I challenge you to focus, let go of fear and have faith. Start this process with you in mind, think about what you prefer, what makes you happy, and what is influenced by others. Follow me as I write letters to help discover you!

Be You • Be True • Be Royal

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