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Speak Love

Dear Royal,

Speak love into your life, give yourself positive self talks. You have been speaking and hearing negative things about you for so long that you have to retrain your thoughts to fit your positive self. In order to believe it your mouth has to be comfortable speaking it, your ears have to be comfortable hearing it, your heart has to have faith to believe, which will renew your mind to knowing.

Take time and speak, write down or record to yourself  positive things about your character, appearance and accomplishments. Anytime you feel unworthy or not confident revisit this list. If you think too much on negative things that have been spoken about you, read this list when the thoughts come. If you are currently being verbally abused speak these positive things about yourself and do not receive (dwell on in your mind) the negative. If you are in a position to where you can’t think of anything good to say about yourself, call a close friend to help and to hold you accountable.

Everyone makes mistakes but do not allow them to be formed into who you are. This is the eraser on the pencil now write the positive story, and take the old as a learning experience. Speak Love!


Your Purpose

Be You • Be True • Be Royal

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