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I’m sure in January you made an agreement with yourself to make changes in your life. Some you may have had success and others not so much. Who knows you could have successfully changed everything on your list and 90+ days later you’re still making good strides. Whatever the situation is I want to encourage you and let you know you are on the right track.

How can I be on the right track if I didn’t stick to my commitment you say? Everything you do is apart of the process and it will either add to your column of success or add to the process to reach success. At any given moment your whole life can change. Until that moment embrace where you are and learn what is needed at your current stage. Allow life to happen and make changes daily!

Don’t lose focus waiting on the calendar year to make changes, each day you are learning and taking strides toward a better you. If that moment is now and you feel something on the inside that is trying to break out into a new you, allow it to happen today!

A few weeks ago I started a smoothie cleanse on a Wednesday. People would ask “why not wait until Monday or the start of the week”, because I had the mindset and willpower to do it Wednesday so I started. When the moment comes, rather it is the middle of your week, middle of your day or the middle of your sentence make the change. If you have fallen off from a goal you set, don’t wait for the calendar to roll back around to get back focused. Get in the habit to make changes when you realize a change is needed. Get started on your diet today, get rid of those bad habits now, remove yourself from environments and relationships that are not needed and get focused on your path to success!

Live all year focusing on a new you.


Your Purpose

Be You• Be True • Be Royal

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