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Game Changer

Dear Royal,

Just when you thought you had the game figured out, life throws in a draw four. There you are holding in your hand more than you anticipated.

You thought you knew where things were going you thought you knew exactly who you were and what you were made to do.

This your Alessia Cara season …. “know it all” to “growing pains”. IYKYK.

Your mind deceived you to believe that figuring out purpose is a one-time thing. Or because you are teaching others how to achieve what you have, you would never return to being a student. #Lies

Those feelings of “being an impostor” and the mind games of:

“Did I ever really have it figured out”

“Was it just a moment”

“Have I been deceiving myself this entire time”

All of those thoughts are lies the expectation to be the expert is a lie. The feeling of having “arrived” is a lie. The thought that says you’re supposed to have it figured out …it’s a lie too. The pressure to save face because what would people think about you not knowing because you’re considered “a leader” is probably the biggest lie. The leader is consistently and forever a student.

To overcome the lies, you need to work the hand. Don’t respond with a woe is me attitude… spread em and play it out. Don’t hide the extra cards, don’t fold, don’t panic…. play it out. You’ve made it to the finish line before and you can do it again. You made it being real, being transparent, being true to you, and being teachable. Adjust your mindset and go for the win!

You aren’t required to know everything, do everything right or understand it all. You’re not God….. chill. Purpose isn’t a destination it’s a lifetime pursuit. The unknown is not a bad thing, it’s the road to new beginnings and larger territory. Embrace the changes give yourself room to grow. As one of my mentors always says, “you are forever growing and becoming”.

So…… continuously grow and continuously become.

Philippians 1:6


Your purpose

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