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Dear Royal,

This is the part that requires work. If you still have not overcome the negative things others have spoken to you these two steps are important.

First you will need to forgive , second apply positive statements to replace negative ones.

Let go and proclaim your freedom from the hurt of others. Before I finished writing this section I had to go through the process of forgiving people who never apologized or are not following with actions on their apology. Unforgiveness leads you down a road where you become defensive, lack trust and take your anger out on others it can even cause high stress and anxiety. You carry this hidden anger towards someone but it will never affect them. You have to decide that you won’t allow someone else’s mistake to hinder you from being great and loving others. When you don’t forgive, you in part support the words they have spoken to you or the way they treated you. It keeps you down because part of you has accepted the negative statements and you blame them for placing it on you. You can choose to not allow it to hinder you. Don’t believe the lie that you are anything other that Gods greatest. However if the anger is from truth that just hurts to hear you have to be mature enough to own your mistakes, know that you were told that truth because they don’t want to see you in a bad place and take the necessary steps to fix the issue.

Use positive affirmations to replace the negativity. Words have power, so use that power to uplift and repair your brokenness. Here are some affirmations I found for self esteem:

  1. I am becoming better each day

  2. I am happy to be here

  3. I am an intelligent being but I don’t know everything

  4. I Love myself unconditionally

  5. I learn through my mistakes

  6. I am thankful for opportunities to grow

  7. I love and respect my family for who they are

  8. I choose freedom

  9. I accept and love the way I look because I was made unique

  10. I am not lost, I am still in the process of being created

My mentor gave me the greatest advice anyone could ever speak “forgiveness does not always mean reconciliation”. Some relationships will never be what you expect but you can choose not to have anger or hate towards that individual.You don’t need to hate them or point out their wrong in order for you to be happy with yourself. Find closure by forgiving and believe the positive things. Speak them to yourself daily. Move forward and chose to let go no matter what it feels like, your purpose may benefit from your decision to forgive. Be Free!


Your Purpose

Be You •Be True •Be Royal

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