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Be You

If you are not firm in who you are and confident in what you are called to do the world will eat you alive! The road to birthing your purpose is just as complicated as finding it. In the process there maybe times you don’t feel you have all the skills needed, that’s ok gather a team. Well things start off good but the team members are not as dedicated to the mission or do not have the availability to put in the ground work because of full time jobs. So here you are again working just as hard as when you started. Do not give up, in the right timing things will unfold, allow yourself to be stretched, overworked, minimum rest and sacrifice all you have. Trust that things will pay off!

When stepping into your purpose you begin to network and find others with your same passion. Now here is where it gets tricky, for some reason we have this natural response to compete and measure one another’s success. You may run into someone with the same vision and form a great partnership (which happened with my event planning business) other times you may just become supporters of one another and share resources. I have been fortunate enough to receive both!

Unfortunately in some cases others may want to label you “the enemy” and do things to sabotage your journey. I’ve witnessed cases where people would withhold information, align events the same date and time, or even try to tie up your resources and speak negative of you prematurely. For those that go through situations like this remember that what is for you will always be for you! Nothing can stop the plan for your life but your own decisions. This response is a reaction of F.E.A.R.




Real They believe that if you flourish that it will interfere with what they have worked hard to accomplish. This is false!

KFC, Popeyes, Wing Stop, Buffalo Wild Wings and JJ’s all serve the same purpose, supply tasty chicken. They all have national and even some international success while coexisting. Where I live KFC has three locations within 10miles of me, and they all have consistent customers!

There will always be an appetite to fill in every market. Do not get discouraged because you do not have all the skills, your team maybe incomplete, competition has weighed you down, or fear is knocking at your door keep moving towards your dream!

Make small steps today and plant a seed to grow the vision for tomorrow. Know your purpose and use it to build the future! Sincerely, Your Purpose Be You • Be True • Be Royal

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