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The Royal Tour is a day conference for youth, our mission is to use creative concepts to engage with youth about relevant issues through music, arts, speakers and workshops.


Get to Know Us

The mission of Royals is to help members find their identity and pursue their God given purpose.

Royals Mentoring, Inc. ​works with children and young adults ages 10-25. Our goal is to see youth excel through finding their identity and connecting it with their purpose. We believe that all are created unique and every quality is connected to a purpose that God wants us to accomplish. Our program is designed to bring out those unique qualities and provide opportunities to fully develop individual gifts and talents. 

"When you have a sense of purpose, you value life, anything you value is treated with great care."

                                                                                                 -LaRia Brent, Founder



Words From Royals

"In Royals I learned to be more confident in myself and resolve issues right away."

Lauren Ganfield

 "I learned to not gossip about people."

Ajane Olusanya

" Royals has helped me learn how to react to problems & make better decisions."

Ameerah White

"Royals has helped me to be more confident in myself and what I believe."

Makaiyah Cornelius


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Have feedback, interested in getting involved with Royals Mentoring or learning more about our program? Contact us today to setup a information session.

 Milwaukee, WI. 


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